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We love pretty things!

Modern Maxwell was started by Stephanie, a mother of 3 (almost 4!). Steppp
Stephanie Lee
Modern Maxwell was founded by a mom

Who is Modern Maxwell?

Hello from the Modern Maxwell family! Modern Maxwell was started by me (Stephanie) and my husband Cameron. We started Modern Maxwell as a way for you (and our son Maxwell!) to be able to add a fun, affordable spark of personality to your walls and homes. At Modern Maxwell we design fun, beautiful, and modern vinyl wall decals for any living space.

The spaces we live in are too often blank, white, and boring! I think we can all agree that we would prefer to have some color, creativity and life in the places we live but it's always so expensive and time-consuming to improve our living spaces.

That's where Modern Maxwell comes in! Welcome to an affordable and wonderful way to spruce up any living space. Give our decals a try and make the places you live even more livable!

Contact Us

Customer Support: hello@maramaxwell.com
Wholesale: wholesale@maramaxwell.com

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